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January 25- Identity Day- Inquiry Showcase @ 3 pm

January 26- PTO Quiz Night

February 8- Report Cards & ES Carnivale!

April 5 - Student Led Conferences

April 25 - Maker Faire

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January 2019

MS Skits

January 2019

Mug Swap

December 2018

Upcoming events

November 22-23- Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)

November 30- 4th Grade Assembly

December 17- January 6 Winter Holiday break (No School)

January 7- First day back from Winter Holidays!

Exploring energy forms at the Copernicus Science Museum- November 2018

Dear students and parents,

We need your help! We are looking for materials to create and innovate.

When you are searching through drawers you might find things that we could use for projects. When you are putting away ‘recycle stuff’ or outside walking, you might find some small things we want to collect! Please help us find things like broken jewellery, ribbons, feathers, metal and plastic things! The following list has more ideas. We are excited to see what you send in the week after Fall Break!


Small broken appliances (i.e.; blender, phone, clock)

Paper of different weight, colour and/or texture

Leather remnants

Cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls

Small plastic or metal objects

Wrapping bows or ribbon

Wire All kinds of lids Feathers

Shells Small seed pods Sponges

Beads and buttons Wooden frames Small twigs

Broken jewellery Straws String, yarn or wool

Old keys Cutlery Sand paper

Corks Old hinges or locks Bottle caps

Golf balls Ribbon Small stones

Board game pieces Small toy parts Material scraps

Sequins Bits and bobs Screws or bolts

Please ensure that the materials are clean, not sharp, toxic or potentially harmful. We are also only looking for found objects, please do not go to the shops to purchase things for us. We would like the children to be involved in the collection process.

Thank you for your help,

The 4th Grade Team

Measuring with balance scales

Maths card games

Multiplication visuals

Fall Apple Festival 2018

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